Our Vision is to encourage international connections and experiences through individually designed and diversified, private high school opportunities, to support students in taking a role in the “new world” through their cross-cultural, geopolitical and interpersonal relationships.

Group of six students outside sitting on steps

Our desire is to advance international understanding, friendship, and to enhance cultural perceptions through tolerance, respect, integrity and education.  The Zource is committed to promoting world peace between people of all nations and inspiring understanding through direct contact.

The Zources’ connections will catapult international students who want to broaden their perspective of the world toward “sky’s the limit” futures while they gain practical experience living, working and learning in another culture.
Due to the promise of high-level academics, friendships and the life lessons learned in a protected environment, the private school campus is highly valued by the international and cross-cultural community.

Opportunities of interaction and learning beyond the classroom which complement and supplement academics, expose students to a broad geographic and socioeconomic spectrum, challenge their boundaries, and broaden their vision of the world.

Building personalized bridges to connect the world’s students with private schools and host families in the United States of America.